Not Particularly Dignified or Newsworthy

by Friend Friend

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    dustan j. hlady’s songwriting style is immensely personal and intrinsically linked to the historic and present day Canadian prairies. The song content ranges from the birth of Carrie and dustan’s first son, to personal experiences on the prairie landscape, to the immigrants of the early 20th century that failed to fill the prairies. All of their song’s lyrics are in zines. They also include the stories behind the songs.
    "The vocals possess a sincere and earnest sense of feeling" - Various Small Flames
    “Solid folk indie sound.” - We All Want Someone To Shout For
    “Talented Group.”-Modern Music Maker
    “Nice indie rock sound here. Well-produced enough to sound professional, but just lo-fi enough to sound like a band you could be friends with.”-Beautiful Sound of The Week
    “A roaring duet of vocals under a folksy organic air.”-At Cost Magazine
    “Plenty of personality to this.”-Crack In The Road
    “A beautiful vibe.”-Rock The Pigeon
    “The lyrics and catchy and there are tons of hooks.”-Sacred Exile
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released February 23, 2019

dustan j. hlady: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar.

Carrie Hlady: Vocals

Matt Froese: Guitar, Banjo, Drums, Melodica, percussion, glockenspiel, accordian.

Brian Capstick: Bass

Gang Vocals: Jen Froese, John Dale

All lyrics and stories by: dustan j. hlady

Album cover: Carrie Hlady

All songs written by: dustan j. hlady

All musicians wrote their own parts

Produced by Matt Froese and Friend Friend


all rights reserved



Friend Friend Saskatchewan

For their Sophomore release; Not Particularly Dignified or Newsworthy Friend Friend partnered with their band member and producer, Matt Froese to create 5 Indie folk power-pop anthems for the everyman/woman.

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Track Name: Casualties To Calendars
I’ve seen your face in city lights, expelling night. Hooray, hooray for night and day. The city noise becomes our skin. A heart, a home. Hooray, hooray for night and day.

The Casualties (the days) to calendars (the years).
Do people change? Yes, Sir!
Am I one of them? Unknown.

Allegiances to pass the time. A blueish face. Hooray, hooray for night and day. A fitting hand and Chimney Smoke. Enjoy. Repeat. Hooray, hooray for night and day.
Track Name: The Last Best West
We left that land in search for another. Each 20 years you’re left or you’re leaving. We spread ourselves like chicken feed across a face so wild and free to discover.

I’ve got these hands but what are they good for? To till the earth and pray for a ten-fold. Gambling with Jarilo for life and limb and room to dream of another.

Oh where, oh when, where will I see my love again? A duplicate made from all I remember there. We carved these walls like we were gods and men. A belted earth made up of ties and nails in hands, taming what we discover.

I’ve got these hands but what are they good for?
They raise this drink unto my lips.
Why, Oh, Why? What are you looking for?

These roots to discover.
These routes to discover.
Track Name: We'll All Stick Together
Family of three at the Royal Hospital waiting to take their Reesey home.
Just recently was pulled out of a scar into the world.
Where three is here there’s room for a few more.

Gimme your hand, gimme your heart. We’ll all stick together.

When you’re off to school your friends might tell you stories about how their family tree is cut. You won’t hear a fight, no you won’t hear a scream. We’ll whisper disagreements in the dark.
Track Name: Prairie Girl
Where did you come from?

Somewhere past Carlyle, grew up on volleyball games and gas station movies, graduated a year early, high-tailed it to the big city. Got a job selling clothes at the mall. Fell in love with the boy from Orange Julius.
But it made you miss home--- the streets you could count all the names you would know.

Oh, prairie girl. The sunrise is peaking. We stayed here too long, watching the starlight. There’s a lily on your shoulder. Staying is your game but every year I get older.

You spoke in an accent and followed it home. Burned through a B.Ed. then you made it back home to teacher younger yous and raise 2 or 3 on ice hockey games and farmer TV. Fell in love with another who would never leave, fall asleep to the wind blowing through barley fields.
Track Name: You Remind Me of A Ghost
When this city was a brother I’d stay up all night
‘cause it felt good to be agreed with.
When this river was lover, how my lips would quiver
as she baptized me in her dirty water.
All that excrement that flows from Edmonton.

When this valley was my friend how my teeth would chatter
as the first snow fell as if to pardon our failures.
I parse your post. You remind me of a ghost.

You remind me of a ghost of this land that I love
These prairies have no borders

You remind me of a note I was writing out on Dief Beach all alone and small trying to get some things right. You remind me of the roads I was crossing and the fields I was coming to when walking into Smokey that night. You remind me of my great-grandfather saying, “There’s no land in Poland and no man’s a man with no land.”

You remind me of a ghost.

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